Aerodrome Control Training (ADI/AVI)

Aero-drome Control Training (ADI/AVI)


Rating training courses includes theoretical examinations(s) and assessment(s).
A pass in theoretical examination(s) shall be awarded to an applicant achieving a minimum of 75 % of the marks allocated to that examination.

Performance-based objectives are used for assessment purposes. The performance objective clearly establishes a link between the training objective and the method to assess if this training objective has been reached. Assessment(s) shall be conducted in a simulator. A pass in assessment(s) shall be awarded to an applicant who consistently demonstrates the required performance described in EU 2015/340 (ATCO.D.040) and shows the behaviour required for safe operations within the air traffic control service.


The learner shall demonstrate his/her ability to conduct the following tasks during the typical simulation exercise(s):
1. Ensure the integrity of the working position and use tools as appropriate.
2. Issue inbound and outbound instructions to aircraft.
3. Obtain and issue Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) clearances for departing aircraft and ensure correct readbacks.
4. Correctly handle IFR aircraft.
5. Ensure that Flow Management procedures are met
6. Select runway in use.
7. Correctly handle aircraft and vehicles operating on the manoeuvring area.
8. Issue inbound and outbound Visual Flight Rules (VFR) clearances to aircraft.
9. Integrate VFR arrivals into the aerodrome traffic circuit.
10. Issue flight information, traffic information and appropriate aerodrome information.
11. Correctly coordinate with Fornebu approach/area control and relevant airport services.
12. Monitor flight data displays and ensure that they are kept up-to-date
13. Use appropriate phraseology and transmitting techniques.
14. Prioritise actions correctly.
15. Transfer communication.
16. Integrate VFR departures within the traffic flow.



The ADI with RAD rating training, consists of the subjects, topics and subtopics of Aerodrome Control Instrument Rating for Tower as defined in ED decision 2015/010/R and ED Decision 2015/015/R.



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