Drone pilot courses

Integra Aviation specialises in tailormade drone pilot courses to organisations having a special need for flying tactical drones.

We train drone pilots in accordance with Danish law and the client’s specific operational needs. Our customers include the Danish Police, Danish Municipalities, Pilots (for Maritime traffic), the Danish Home Guard, Surveyors, the Wind Power Industry in general, Media and Event agencies, Photographers and many others.

6 reasons why our customers choose us for their drone pilot training:

  • We have 30 years’ experience in the global aviation industry.
  • We never compromise on safety – safety is part of our DNA.
  • We are one of the few drone pilot training centres in Denmark authorised to offer fixed-wing drone courses.
  • Our highly trained instructors have many years’ experience and in-depth knowledge of the topics they teach. They have different backgrounds, such as pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers, etc.
  • We teach students in an airport environment. Our courses are conducted in a refurbished hangar in HCA Airport in Odense, Denmark with daily airport activity.
  • We have vast experience in mission planning. Apart from drone pilot training, we use our drone fleet for commercial drone operations and specialize in complete drone solutions for the private and public sector. We maintain our know-how in drone technology development through this business.


Integra Aviation Academy is authorised by the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority (Danish: Trafik-, Bygge-, og Boligstyrelsen) to train drone pilots in accordance with Order no. 1256 of 24 November 2017 ‘Order on flights with drones in built-up areas’ (Danish BEK no. 1119 om flyvning med droner i bymæssigt område).

The authorisation gives Integra Aviation Academy the right to conduct drone pilot training in Category 1 (drones up to 1.5 kg), Category 1B (drones up to 7 kg) and Category 2 (drones up to 25 kg), type I (fixed-wing drones) and type II (Helicopter and multirotor drones) and night flights operated in the space of time between sunset and sunrise.

We normally train drone pilots in our training centre in Odense, Denmark, but we also conduct training courses at other venues. However, we recommend our customers to place the training in Odense as the location in an airport gives the students the opportunity to experience a true airport environment with aircrafts taking off and landing, skydivers, AFIS tower and, of course, our AFIS training facilities with a 270° tower simulator.

Integra Aviation

Provider of consultancy and services as well as training and education for the aviation industry. Provider of advanced drone solutions to private and public organizations.



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