Train in one of the largest simulators in the world, and feel the difference

Integra Aviation Academy’s simulator offers the most realistic hands-on experience within ATC tower simulator training. Our simulators provide a technical, flexible and robust platform, a platform that offer a range of basic and advanced opportunities for us to offer all our customers a high-end tailor-made solution within training. We build simulators according to any desired size or requirement. Integra Aviation Academy Norway owns one of the largest tower simulators in the world.

Our simulators

You can choose 10 combined images covering 270 degrees, but we recommend using 360-degree 3D state-of-the-art simulators in different dimensions. Training in a 360-degree environment provide you with the experience and the feeling of being home working in your local tower. Our 8 or 10 projectors will provide you with a unique 360-degree visual recreating the surroundings you are accustomed to. Through our simulators we try to raise the quality of the visual aspect in training.

Our technology

Our flexibility within technology means we master any required simulator configuration. Our technology makes it easy for us to simulate any real life or simulated traffic situation. Our photo based visual modelling enables us to accurately recreate any real-world airport and its surrounding environment.

Our largest tower simulator has a diameter of 10 meters and incorporates 5 busy workstations as well as handling additional workstations for instructors at the same time. All our workstations are installed with the latest digital voice and communications equipment and are designed to handle both electronic and standard paper flight strips.

Takes training to a new dimension

Training in a new dimension is what Integra Aviation Academy offers our customers. Train, learn and master all kinds of ATC scenarios. We offer any possible training aspect on any airport in the world. Navigate within our training frame and explore the many different aspects and solutions our business can offer our customers.

High volume student training, Emergency training, Capacity training, continuation training, testing and evaluations of new procedure or optimizing possibilities could be your keywords – but no matter what your keyword is, our training portfolio can be your library.

Integra Aviation

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