Become an AFIS operator


Can you imagine yourself sitting in a Control Center of an airport with the overall view of aircrafts, apron, runways and taxiways?
Then you should consider becoming an AFIS Operator (AFISO)!

What does an AFISO do?

AFIS stands for ’Aerodrome Flight Information Service’. An AFIS Operator works in smaller airports where Air Traffic Control is not necessary because of a less demanding infrastructure and fewer flight operations. The AFIS operator delivers the information the pilots need to fly the aircraft safely and efficiently.

AFIS Operators provide pilots with flight information service such as wind and weather conditions and other traffic in the area during their flight and inform the pilots on runway state and weather conditions in the airport.

Training Course

Integra Aviation is certified by The Danish Transport, Building and Construction Authority to train AFIS Operators. The training is a specialist course that makes considerable demands on the students’ work and requires precision and vigilance.

Training Facilities and Instructors

We train AFIS students in our Training Centre in the Danish town ‘Odense’. Our training centre is located in a refurbished hangar in Hans Christian Andersen Airport (HCA Airport).

Our instructors have many years’ experience in the field of AFIS and they have all had train-the-trainer courses. The theoretical part of the training is conducted in our light and modern classrooms with all modern training facilities and the practical training is performed in our state-of-the-art 3D 270° simulator.

Course Topics

  • Navigation
  • Meteorology and weather conditions
  • Rules and regulations for Civil Aviation
  • Psychology
  • Safety
  • Radio Communication
  • Computer Systems
  • Aircraft types
  • Equipment
  • Human Factors

Students will receive a Danish and English Radio Certificate upon successful completion of the training and the corresponding exams.

Admission Requirements

There are no specific requirements to students’ former education in order to be eligible to admission to the training course, but the students must, however, have life experience and wisdom as the job implies a great responsibility for other people and the ability to make the right decisions in short time.

It is, though, crucial that the students have a sense of perspective and can apply the taught theory when executing the practical AFIS tasks which should be executed calmly, composedly and fast.
The tasks must be carried out according to the applicable Rules and Regulations for Civil Aviation as the compliance with laws and regulations is an important part of the AFIS Operator’s daily work.

In order for students to be eligible for admission to AFIS Training with Integra Aviation, they will have to pass an admission test which also implies a medical approval by an Aeronautical Medical Examiner (AME).

The student license is valid for 2 years. The practical part of the training must be started within the validity period of the license.


About You

In order to be eligible for admission to an AFIS Training Course, you need to fulfil – or expect to fulfil – the following admission requirements:


  • are at least 18 years old.
  • are interested in Aviation.
  • can work independently, focused and under pressure
  • are good at English and mathematics
  • have spatial sense.
  • Can present a security clearance issued by the Police.
  • must be in good physical shape and enjoy good health in order to meet the health requirements.
  • are responsible and sober.
  • can communicate and collaborate.
  • can work independently and know how to entertain yourself on a slow day when work is quiet.

    Practical Information

    The duration of the training course is scheduled to 12 months. The first 6 months are used for theoretical training and tower simulator training after which the student will have to undertake 6 month of unit training at an airport. However, the duration of the unit training will depend on the student’s learning progression and the traffic load in the airport as the student must obtain experience from a certain amount of operations in order to be able to pass the exams. In case the student does not have a job at hand and/or an agreement with an airport about unit training, Integra Aviation will offer help to find an airport for unit training for the student.

    Additional Information

    AFIS Operators must maintain their certificate in order to keep the validation of the certificate. This is done through refresher training and frequent proficiency checks. Moreover, the certificate is only valid if the AFISO holds a valid medical certificate which has to be renewed at intervals depending on the age of the AFIS Operator.

    There is a general lack of AFIS operators in Denmark. In addition, there is a good chance of being employed at an airport in Greenland.
    There is much to suggest that the Scandinavian AFIS model is about to spread and be adopted in other European countries, which is why the probability of finding job elsewhere in Europe is growing.


    If you would like to know more about the job as an AFIS Operator, the AFIS training course itself or the price and payment conditions related to the training, please contact:


    Aleksander Hedqvist
    AFIS Responsible
    Integra Aviation Academy
    [email protected]


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