AFIS Training Facilities

All AFIS courses are conducted in our training centre which is located in a refurbished hangar in Hans Christian Andersen Airport (HCA Airport).

We consider it an advantage for the students to experience a true airport environment to get a feeling what it is like to work in an airport with a control tower from which aerodrome flight information service (AFIS) is provided.

Our AFIS courses are held in HCA Airport where we also train drone pilots. The training centre is located in a refurbished hangar with modern training facilities.

3D 270° tower simulator

The training facility boasts a modern 3D 270° tower simulator with an AFISO position, an instructor position and a pseudo pilot position in addition to the technical equipment that AFIS operators use during their daily work, such as telephones
radio communication systems, weather information system and radar screens.

The surface of the screens radiates a considerable amount of heat. We have taken the heat emission into account by installing an air condition system which creates a comfortable working climate in the simulator. 




Additional Facilities

We have modern classrooms which have high ceilings, a fantastic inflow of light, and space enough for both teamwork and individual problem solving.

We have a shared kitchen where we prepare breakfast and lunch for our students and, of course, a fridge to keep the drinks cold.

There are two toilets – one of which is for disabled – and a large outdoor area where students can take a fresh breath of air in the breaks.

As the AFIS training centre shares its facilities with our drone pilot school we offer our students the opportunity to fly with drones or even to take a drone certificate as an extra service.





If you would like to know more about our AFIS courses you are welcome to contact:
Aleksander Hedqvist
AFIS Responsible

[email protected]




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