AFIS References

We have conducted several AFIS courses for various airports in Denmark, Greenland and the Farrow Islands. Here is a pick of our references:

Esbjerg Airport (Denmark):

  • (A)FIS Radar Course
  • Safety Management System Course (SMS).

Hans Christian Andersen Airport, Odense (Denmark):

  • AFI Course

Mittarfeqarfiit Airport (Greenland):

  • AFIS Basic Course (on a fixed contract 2015 – 2017)
  • AFIS Refresher Course (on a fixed contract 2015 – 2017)

Sonderborg Airport (Denmark):

  • Radar Course
  • AFIS Refresher Course
  • AFI Course

Sonderborg Municipality (Denmark):

  • AFI Course

Vagar Airport (Farrow Islands):

  • AFIS Basic Course

Kolding-Vamdrup Airport (Denmark):

  • On the Job Training Instructor Course (OJTI)
  • AFIS Basic Course and AFI

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