Consultancy Services

Integra Aviation offers a fully integrated and multidisciplinary approach to projects of all sizes. We offer consultancy services to airports, ANSPs, Authorities and other aviation organisations in the private and the public sector.

We offer consultancy services within airports, including operational procedures, certifications, equipment to airside, and facility management of airports. This support also comprises the establishment of Air Traffic Service units and production of manuals to be used for the operational certification of the airport and the ATS Unit.

Our international aviation training centres offer a broad variety of training courses for the worldwide aviation Industry. Along with our training courses, we offer training consultancy services such as job descriptions and training plans to help the customer ensure optimisation of resources.

Drones (UAVs)
We train drone pilots and handle tactical drone operations for private and public organisations. Moreover, we help organisations with procurement and drone configurations, drone operations management, Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA), manuals and any other task related to drone operationss. We help experienced companies with advanced and tactical drone solutions, and we help unexperienced organisations start with the implementation of drone technology in their business.

We provide all kinds of AFIS related consultancy services. Among others, preparation of manuals, safety management systems (SMS), and local ATS procedures. We also handle internal audits, incident accident investigation and ’compliance management’.

Other consultancy services
We have a close collaboration with the company Integra Consult who offers tailor-made consultancy services within:

  • Operations & Capacity
  • Systems & Technology
  • Project Management
  • Regulations & Compliance

Integra Consult has completed more than 1,000 projects worldwide for major types of aviation organisations, including:

  • International Organisations (European Commission, EUROCONTROL, ICAO, NATO, ERBD, etc.)
  • Air Navigation Service Providers
  • Airports
  • National Authorities and Governments

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Integra Aviation

Provider of consultancy and services as well as training and education for the aviation industry. Provider of advanced drone solutions to private and public organizations.



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