All courses

ATC training

  • ATCO initial training: BASIC training
  • ATCO initial training: Rating training ADI/ADV
  • Practical instructor training: OJTI, OJTI (Requires ATCO with operational rating)
  • Practical instructor training: STDI, STDI (Requires ATCO with operational rating)        
  • Assessor training: Assessor, Assessor (Requires ATCO with operational rating)

AFIS training

  • FIS Basic theoretical training                                        
  • FIS rating and endorsement specialised training                        
  • AFI refresher courses                                        
  • OJTI courses                                        
  • OJTI refresher courses                                        
  • Audit courses                                        
  • Safety Management courses                                        
  • Customised AFIS courses                                        
  • Radar Course
  • ELPAC      

Drone pilot training 

  • Drone pilot training category 1A, 1B & 2                          
  • Upgrade to category 1B or 2
  • Night license
  • Practical flight training          

Airport and Ground handling training

  • Airport transport fundamentals
  • Airport operations fundamentals
  • Airport ramp services
  • Ground operations management
  • Passenger ground services

Other courses

  • Aviation & general English (ELPAC)                                       
  • Pseudo pilot course                                        
  • Rough guide to ATM/ATC                      
  • Opsccom – Safety management (SMS)


Integra Aviation

Provider of consultancy and services as well as training and education for the aviation industry. Provider of advanced drone solutions to private and public organizations.



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