AFIS Solutions

We offer the following AFIS solutions:

AFIS under Integra Aviation’s certificate.
  2. AFIS under the airport’s own certificate.
  3. Start-up and launch of AFIS operations.


We offer a complete AFIS solution under our own certificate. This solution implies that we have the full responsibility for obtaining the certificate from the local authorities, and after that, to maintain the certificate. We also have the full responsibility of all AFIS operations, including safety management and compliance management in collaboration with the local airport servicing.


We offer the following staffing solutions under our certificate:

  1.  All AFIS staff is employed by Integra Aviation Academy.
  2. AFIS staff is a combination of local employees and Integra Aviation employees.
  3. Predominantly employment of local staff with the option to employ Integra Aviation’s AFIS staff during illness, annual leave or any other peak period.



Aleksander Hedqvist
AFIS Responsible
Integra Aviation
[email protected]



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